Sex Offenders

Tyrone Richard Adams

Race: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 64 years old
Height: 5' 07"
Weight: 250 LBS.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Scars, Marks, Tattoos:
Tattoo on of Abdomen : dragon
Tattoo on Upper Left of Arm : the lions
Scars on Both of Leg : scars up/down both legs
Other on of Foot : hole
Scars on of Chest :
Scars on Left of Foot :
Scars on Left of Knee :
Tattoo on Right of Arm :
Scars on Left of Calf :
Scars on Left of Elbow :
Scars on Both of Eye Brow :
Scars on Right of Cheek :
Scars on Right of Thigh :
Address: 2130 Lake Ave
Pueblo , CO  81004
Date Of Birth: 5/27/1955
Registration Date: 12/02/2019
Registered With: Pueblo Police Department
Duty Length: Quarterly
Alias Name(s): GHOST DOG ADAMS
Risk Level: Medium


Offense #1

Disposition Date: 12/14/2000
Offense: Sexual Assault Child
County: El Paso Cnty
Discharge Date:
Probation: 0Y, 0M, 0D
Confinement: 0Y, 0M, 0D
Victim's Age: Unknown
Victim's Sex: Unknown
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