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Report a Crime - you can submit a report of a crime. If you have an emergency, please dial 911. Some examples of crimes are: stolen property (theft), intentional damage to personal or real property (vandalism), neighborhood disputes (no assault involved), certain misplaced property (lost property) or any non-criminal event. It will be necessary to file a report in person with a police officer or by phone with dispatch (719-553-2502) on runaways and/or missing persons, assaults, restraining order violations, child abuse/neglect, domestic violence-related crimes, and auto thefts and theft of license plates.. You may also add items or information to an existing police report. Once the report has been received for processing, you will receive a phone call or email, during normal business hours, from the Pueblo Police Department verifying your request. The reporting of a false crime is illegal pursuant to Pueblo City Ordinance Section 11-1-504, False Reporting. Please be on notice that it is a municipal ordinance violation to make any false report and violators may be charged.

A traffic accident cannot be reported through P2C (this site); it needs to be reported in person with the Pueblo Police Department, or online through the state website, to

If you do not receive acknowledgement of your report within two business days, please submit the report again or call Police Records at (719) 553-2554.

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